Glistening Snow

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Type: Play Tray

The secrets out; Gus + Mabel has the softest, fluffiest, sparkliest Glistening Snow around; it's essential for your sensory play bevy.

Mould, Scoop, Jiggle, Pack, and Squish!

Turn your Busy Bee Tray into a winter wonderland or set the scene with beautiful fluffy clouds; stimulate their tactile system while they squish and squeeze that textural goodness!

Psst! Make the adventure extra by placing your Glistening Snow in the fridge for the coolest sensory play activity! Your little ones will have an absolute blast while chilling out; pun intended!

Sensory Benefits

Ginormous Water Gems are not only a blast, but the educational and developmental benefits will also blow your mind!

The simple task of activating our Ginormous Water Gems and setting a playful scene helps the development of fine and gross motor skills, cognitive growth, engagement, and problem-solving;

• Focus + Concentration

• Investigation + reasoning

• Absorption + expansion concepts

• Hand-eye coordination + control

• Causal effect

• Language development

• Spatial awareness

Care Guide

Clean Water Gems after use, store germ-free in an airtight container. Activated Water Gems last about two weeks in conyainer. For longer storage, lay them in the sun to dehydrate, preventing mold.

Well-maintained Water Gems last for years, dehydrate and rehydrate as needed.

Dispose of Water Gems in garden or compost when done; they're non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable.

Important: Do not dispose down sinks or toilets!

Product Details

• Composition: Eco-friendly superabsorbent polymers

• Activation: 2L water/5 Ginormous Water Gems

• Activation Time: 48 hours

• Activated Size: 20-40mm

• Unactivated Size: 8-10mm

• Impact: Non-Toxic + 100% Bio-degradable

• Dimensions Bag: W 11cm H 17cm D 2cm

• Weight: 90g

• Note: Roughly 25-30 Ginormous Water Gems (or more) in each earth-friendly pouch.