About us

Hello! Welcome to Big Head. 

We’re a simply sustainable, educational and all-around fun-tastic children’s brand based in Singapore. Parenting isn’t a walk in the park; we understand that first hand, building the Big Head store from the ground up based on personal experiences and a burning desire to help new parents navigate this new time. 


Our Story

At Big Head, our mission is simple. A task that began our journey not so long ago, back in 2019, we welcomed our first child (who’s also the meaning behind our name, but we’ll get to that later). At this time, we realised that we had a newfound passion, sharing, innovating and helping new parents navigate this daunting yet magical time in their lives. 

And so, Big Head was born. 

Since then, things have been going pretty well! We’ve welcomed various hand-selected businesses, independent artists and local creatives. We aspire to innovate toys and products that nurture your children’s learning and help ease your life as a parent. We curate and collaborate with some fantastic brands in our time, which you can find listed below. 


Looking towards the future 

We strive to leave this world in a better place than we came into it, for our children. Sustainability solidifies our core values at Big Head, something we achieve without compromising care or craftsmanship to our range of products. 


What about the name? 

When born, little W certainly didn’t have a tiny head; coming as a bit of a surprise to us, he was in the 90th percentile for his head circumference with the only 10th percentile body weight and height—founding the name that we’ve grown to know and love. 

Join the Big Head community, share your purchase on social media using #BigHead for a chance to be featured on our channel. 

Enjoy our little store built with love!  



Mama WT