Wooden Pineapple Stacker

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Type: Wooden Toys

🌳 EARLY EDUCATION FUNCTION of wooden fruit toy "Pineapple" stacker:
Playing with this wooden toy, young children can learn colours, develop fine motor skills, balance skills, learn to count, learn and understand the meaning of the concept of “more” and “less”.

🌳 BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION FUNCTION of wooden fruit toy "Pineapple" stacker:
Older children can build very beautiful and interesting structures using this wooden toy stacker, such as pyramids, garages for toy cars, tunnels for a toy railway, bridges, houses for toy animals.

🌳 AESTHETIC FUNCTION of wooden fruit toy "Pineapple" stacker:
This toy is so beautiful and it can decorate every child's room. Just put it in observe the place in you can see how positive it looks in your interior and makes you happy just by looking at it!


🌿 Consists of 5 elements, all edges are rounded
🌿 Full size of the stacker: 9 х 12 х 4 сm
🌿 Material: lime wood, coloured with eco-friendly German Biofa paint
🌿 Made in Russia with love