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Grapat Mandala Loose Parts Bundle

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Type: Loose parts

Introducing the Grapat Mandala Loose Parts Bundle, a versatile and captivating set of open-ended toys designed to ignite your child's imagination and promote creative play. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this bundle offers endless possibilities for exploration, storytelling, and artistic expression.

The bundle includes Grapat Mandala:

  1. Honeycomb Yellow
  2. Mandala Fire
  3. Green Cone
  4. Mushroom
  5. Flower
  6. Raindrop
  7. Mandala Tree
  8. Flower Petal
  9. Snowflake
  10. Stones
  11. Purple Eggs
  12. Blue Little Coin
  13. Orange Cone
  14. Pineapple