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Twinkle Wooden Dinosaurs - Set of 7

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For everyone who has ever loved dinosaurs, or longed to be one as a child. 

The wooden dinosaurs are also for those who want their children to play with nature-made materials that will also help them understand how nature itself works—and how life itself has always worked.

Extinction is inevitable, but it's also part of a cycle that helps us appreciate our roles on this planet and all that came before us. 

So if you're looking for a gift idea, Twinkle Land of the Dinosaurs Collection is more than just fun! It’s educational, inspirational, and full of wonderment at what could have been—and what still could be if we dare to roam together on this adventure!

Each wooden dinosaur is carved, sanded and painted all by the hands of a Javanese artisan, making each one slightly different and truly one of a kind. They are made from sustainable fast growing albizia wood native to Indonesia. 

These wooden dinosaurs are hand-painted with nontoxic water-based paint and are perfect for gentle playtime or gifts for display.

Set includes:

  • Brachiosaurus named "Littlefoot"
  • Triceratops named "Cera"
  • Pteranodon named "Petrie The Flyer"
  • Stegosaurus named "Spike the Spiketail"
  • Velociraptor named “Loci” 
  • Parasaurolophus named “Ducky”
  • Ankylosaurus named “Kylo”

- Not suitable for under 3 years old

- Approximate dimensions: 15cm x 17cm x 10cm