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Twinkle Cube Play & Activity Cards


We believe interactivity and spending quality time is truly the best way to nurture little Twinkles, even if we only have a fraction of a day. 

Twinkle Cube Play is a simple game that both captivates your child while teaching them the skills to reach their full potential and be the best version of themselves. 

The handsewn large pillow cube has different coloured pattern textured sides with a fun bell inside for a sensory experience for newborns. For toddlers, the idea is to roll the plush cube like a die and act out the action on the matching card. The whole family will surely have the best time as you do the actions together— “roar like a lion”, “make a silly face”, “Hop 4 times”, and “Wave Bye Bye”. With every roll, create endless learning opportunities focused on early development skills like colours, body parts, animal sounds, counting, and actions. 

Twinkle Cube Play takes sensory cubes to new levels as it is a great gift for newborns, and as they grow into toddlers, it develops their social, gross motor skills, helps with their creativity, and enhances critical thinking skills, while creating special moments that’ll last a lifetime.

Each card is originally and beautifully illustrated by Triandhika Anjani for Twinkle Well.

What’s Included:

  • 15x15x15 cm Handsewn plush cubes pillow with 6 color-pattern sides
  • 36 Cards originally Illustrated by Triandhika Anjani for Twinkle Well
  • 6 cards in each category representing early development skills: 
  • Green Stripe- Recognizing/Responding to emotions
  • Blue Polka Dots - Body Parts
  • Purple Plaid - Recognition of animals and their sounds
  • Yellow Polka - Counting
  • Red Canvas - Colors & Gross Motor
  • Orange Plaid - Actions
  • Instructions Manual so you can start playing right away

Age: Newborn+

Game players: 2 or more players