Pikler Triangle FAQs

Where is the Pikler Triangle made?

It is made in Riga, Latvia by a family-owned company specialised in wooden bicycle and toys.


What is the Pikler Triangle made from?

The Pikler Triangle and its parts are made from sustainably sourced FSC certified Finnish birch plywood.

  • Side - Baltic birch plywood 18 mm ( 0.7" ) thick
  • Slide - Baltic birch plywood 15 mm ( 0.6" ) thick
  • Wooden bars - Aspen wood 24 mm (1" ) in diameter


Does it comply with safety standards?

Currently, it's not certified with EN71 - for the Pikler triangle to meet the requirements of EN71 it must be a lot heavier to avoid kids pushing them around and possibly flip them over. It is however against the brand (Leg&Go)'s philosophy as they want to encourage kids to play and be creative. So far, we have never had any issues with the triangle, nor any complaints. They are also well aware of the standard norms to be met.

You can be assured that all the materials used in the production process are appropriate and safe for the children.


Do you have ready stocks / how long does it take to arrive?

We currently do not have ready stocks and it will take around 2 weeks to arrive upon order confirmation.


Can the Pikler Triangle be folded for storage?

The Pikler Triangle can be fully folded for storage, whereas the 2in1 Pikler Triangle + Swedish Wall can't. 


Can I purchase the Swedish Wall attachments separately/later on?

Unfortunately, we cannot sell the Swedish wall part as a separate product. The 2in1 Pikler Triangle with Swedish Wall attachments is a different product from the regular Pikler Triangle.


Does it come assembled?

It does not come assembled.


Do you provide assembly/installation services?

We currently do not provide installation services.


If you have more questions, feel free to DM us on Instagram